– We think Underpins Need for Effective Virtual Teams

When I received a recent publication by Kearney Ideas on “Strategic workforce and skills management“, (info.kearney.com/) I was quite happy with the statements made.

It underpins my views on the best ways forward to overcome challenges in lack of highly skilled IT experts (part of Kearney’s “Skills scarcity”), the best possibly use of remote/distributed teams, often combined with an outsourcing model (part of Kearney’s “Capabilities reorganization”) and the clever exploitation of the impacts experienced by the pandemic (some of my views as expressed in www.plixos.com/en/news/).

Hiring or contracting the best possible skills and talent available globally is one topic. Scaling with this setup a second. The biggest challenge, but necessary to succeed as a company is to achieve a high level of productivity with larger distributed teams. This is what we want to tackle and where we can benefit a lot from the pliXos expertise and experiences. Interested in a deeper discussion?

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