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Is it possible to develop software without writing codes, testing them and putting the application live after testing is successful? With Automation kicking in at industry and tools that provide automation gaining market, it is important to evaluate the real importance to software developers. In other words, will the demand for software developers decrease? Well it is too early for us to decide on this burning question.

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Software (Out-)Sourcing has been a successful option chosen by many companies across the globe to achieve large business objectives. Over the years we have seen that companies of small, medium or big Multinational Corporation (MNC) categories have been and are still outsourcing software development to offshore or nearshore locations to save time, costs, or most likely to scale up and get assistance from best skills around the world.

This strategy to hire an outside company as SW service provider has proven beneficial and stood the test of times. It has also helped to scale up important and rare skills so that the companies own employees can concentrate on other core business tasks.

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It is true that Companies in various sectors are adopting Cloud services for the ease of Business and scaling the different processes. The success of Cloud computing in delivering outstanding services to organization is well understood by the fact of its growing demand each year. Cloud computing has become the backbone of most organizations in today’s world. In fact, Cloud computing services has contributed towards the Disruption in traditional Business models. Moreover, Cloud computing can be regarded as the initial step towards Digital Transformation within an Organization.

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Improving the productivity and scalability of labor resources are two important factors why companies will Outsource IT services in future – wherever full automation by robots is no option. 

Lack of proper skilled IT resources and lack of economy of own infrastructure are among the major reasons why Outsourcing used to be a reliable way to save extra costs and time. But today saving costs is not the only motive behind IT outsourcing anymore. A different aspect which was gradually making the trends to change is Innovation. Building on external expertise can be one of the most successful steps that will drive an organization on the path of Innovation – especially for small or mid-sized players.

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UK is an emerging centre for Innovative IT services and a strong leader in Global IT Outsourcing Industry as depicted in the article by Raconteur, Global Sourcing Blog and others. It is strikingly surprising to all IT markets in world who are experiencing a current slowdown in the IT Outsourcing Business (owing to multiple factors) that UK’s IT Outsourcing Market is growing in leaps and bounce every year. If we talk of figures, an article by Raconteur has revealed that the in the year 2017 IT Outsourcing Contracts in UK alone stood approximately 73 percent of its total Outsourcing Industry contracts. Not only this, the figure is increasing each year at double rate.

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