Globally distributed software development has become the norm for many software projects. Software services in a globally distributed environment can face major challenges. All phases of the software development process must be adapted for the distributed development environment. These challenges have led to the development of numerous tools and services.


Relevant technical papers from pliXos on Global distributed software development

Germany Should Take Advantage of South American IT Services

Germany Should Take Advantage of South American IT Services

Nearshore Americas 08/01/2011

Can Tweets, Pokes and Wikis improve Global Software Services?

Can Tweets, Pokes and Wikis improve Global Software Services?Presentation at the Internationall Symposium on Service Sciene 2010, Leipzig, September 30
Social media sites are driving the development of the Internet. A detailed analysis of social media sites, reveals four key mechanisms: social context, relevance of content, ease-of-use, and centralization of functions. The management of Global Software Services is increasingly supported by tools along the complete service life-cycle. The paper describes how these tools could be improved by systematically addressing the four key mechanisms better. A possible implementation is described and the advantages and disadvantages are explored. The result of this study is that tools for GSS could benefit significantly from embedding socio-semantic elements in them.

Global Sourcing of Software Development - A Review of Tools and Services

Global sourcing of software development - a review of tools and servicesPresentation at the 3rd International Workshop on Tool Support and Management in Distributed Software Development Projects (REMIDI'09)" as part of the"4th IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE2009 )", Limerick, Ireland on 13 July 2009.
This workshop reviews tools and services systematically supporting the optimization of globally distributed software development. As a result it is shown that software-as-a-service is a promising approach to optimize globally distributed software development. The characteristics and advantages of software-as-a-Service in terms of globally distributed software development are discussed in detail.

Global Sourcing and the industrialization of software development

Global Sourcing and the industrialization of Software-Entwicklung Software Engineering 2009 (SE2009), Kaiserslautern on 4 March 2009
The industrialization of software development has increased in importance in recent years. In addition, it is unthinkable to not include global sourcing as a form of global resource management in the development of software. The industrialization of software development, especially in the context of global sourcing, offers significant advantages. The paper demonstrates a possible application of this.

Global distributed software development: Optimization based on SaaS and Open Source

IIR Conference "IT Asset & License Management Practice Forum 2009 on 21 April 2009
License and asset management are also in the area of Global Sourcing particularly important factors. The paper uses the example of globally distributed software development as the alternative to standard commercial applications and license management . In particular, the Open Source and Software-as-a-Service concepts promise profitable applications in Global Sourcing.