The procurement phase of a complex IT project can mean a significant effort. The following example shows what efforts are required in each phase of a tender project:

WITHOUT plixos Tender Manager
(in man-days)
WITH pliXos Tender Manager
(in man-days)
Creating tender documents (1) 10 2
Selection and invitation of tender participants including NDA process(2) 2 0.1
Project management (project status, etc) (3) 2 0.1
Evaluation of offers (4) 10 4
Total 24 6.2

Using the Tender Managerallows you to save up to 80% of your costs implementing a tender project on a typical IT project.


(1) The tender documents are no longer written, instead, the required questions are selected from a database, naturally, you can also include your own questions. The tender documents are stored and managed centrally and will be available to all users in your company. In addition to the qualitative advantages, TenderM anager ensures that you can quickly and easily create comprehensive tender documents. .

(2) The product supports a central contact management of the preferred vendor and the participating management, as well as the capability that a non disclosure agreement (NDA) is integrated in the process. This results in a significant reduction in effort during the tendering phase.

(3) The controlling effort is reduced because the centralized tools provide an overview of the tendering project.

(4) Different methods are made available for the evaluation of the offers, including the option to evaluate anonymously (where this is possible). Therefore the user can fully concentrate on evaluating the offers objectively instead of searching for the answers in different sources and documents.