There are many reasons driving the use of home-office or remote team set-ups in general. Be it the pandemic, the lack of skilled workers or simply the way young digital natives are expecting their work environment to be. Whatever the main driving force, we are certain those new way of work models will include work-from-home and are here to stay.

As already mentioned here: Building on the extensive experiences with offshore/nearshore SW / DevOps projects and other initiatives involving distributed teams, we identified building blocks for success, formed a network of experts and tools and defined a new service.

Thus, we are excited to have launched our new offering “Virtual-Teams as a Service “ (Virtual-T):Virtual T Logo d

Whether an employer, employee, freelancer or …. Kindly have a look at and give us your personal feedback. We are keen to improve on our concept and also look for further fitting colleagues and partners to shape this exciting new way of work: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..