The pliXos model: your benefits, our references
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After decades of experience in outsourcing, there are only a few issues that have not yet been addressed. Our experience forms the foundation of the best practices that pliXos makes available to you.
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Compentencies of the IT outsourcing consulting

pliXos offers comprehensive consulting services throughout the entire life-cycle of outsourcing.
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» Compentencies - Situation analysis and project preparation
» Compentencies - project support
» Competencies - Project quality assurance

Your benefits

We ensure the quality of your software development by monitoring the development progress. We recognize early on if something is going wrong and help you to safely reach your goals.
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Getting started!

Contact pliXos and let our outsourcing consultants investigate your specific business environment and identify the applications for optimizing your IT supply chain. Let us suggest ways to meet your potential need for software development and maintenance.
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Our projects start with your question.

Is it Worth while for me to outsource, smartsoure, offshore?

The pliXos Outsourcing Expert

What is the real status of my project?

The pliXos project detective

What can I do if the costs are higher than expected?

The pliXos Fire-Fighter

How do I assure the long-term success of the project?

The pliXos Project-Manager