Development and maintenance of a sourcing relationship throughout all phases of the Sourcing-Life-Cycle are often determined by short time frames for procurement and implementation projects, insufficient own resources, insufficient budgets and a lack of transparency throughout the life time of the relationship.

pliXos addresses these challenges by providing a continuous service, which delivers expert advise in combination with maintenance of the Sourcing-Products included in the Global Sourcing Platform. Clients can maximize benefits in their sourcing relationship at any time in the Sourcing-Life-Cycle.

Permanent access to advisory services enables clients to react to changes in their sourcing at any time and to strengthen the own organization and sourcing processes in an ongoing mode.

SAaaS® can be implemented in any phase of the Sourcing-Life-Cycles and doesn’t end when budgets are used up. There is only one service charge for the usage of the Global Sourcing Platform and the integrated sourcing advisory, no matter on the speciifc support required at any given point in time.

The operational support provided by the tools of the Global Sourcing Platform make every step in the Sourcing Life-Cycle more efficient, transparent and compliant.

SAaaS-pliXos EN

Your benefits:

  • Ongoing, flexible and client oriented advisory services optimize all phases of the Sourcing-Life-Cycle
  • Shorter duration of each phase through automation of process steps by applying the Global Sourcing Platform
  • More transparency and comparability through standardization build into the Global Sourcing Platform
  • Reduction of internal efforts by leveraging external Sourcing Advisory in combination with the automation available through the Sourcing Tools
  • Better control and compliance through pre-configured and automated process support
  • More and in-time information to the management through comprehensive reporting
  • More and in-time information for provider management through integrated processes
  • Ongoing enhancement of the Sourcing Tools for further efficiency gains
  • The approach is based on standards and supports the reuse of any step or development in the Sourcing-Life-Cycle
  • The Global Sourcing Platform is a SaaS solution and is easy to implement, integrate, and accessible globally

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