During the implementation of outsourcing projects, several challenges must be considered to ensure the project's success. Various approaches have been proposed to guide companies safely and in full control through the outsourcing life cycle. One possibility is the use of standards.

DIN-SPEC 1041 (outsourcing of technology-oriented knowledge-intensive services) has set the goal of providing practical guidelines and procedures for the management of outsourcing projects from the perspective of the customer. The DIN-SPEC should build a bridge between outsourcing providers and outsourcing users and, particularly by creating transparency during the outsourcing transition process, to provide a realistic expectation of both of the parties.

pliXos GmbH has been an active participant in the development of this specification.


Selected technical papers

Standardizsation in outsourcing

Standardisation in OutsourcingOutsource Magazine 09/24/2010

The industrialization of outsourcing is discussed in many articles, presentations and marketing materials. In the conviction that industrialization offers significant benefits, it is appropriate to discuss and interpret the implied consequences, e.g. the need for standardization. Industrialization is a clever combination of standardization in outsourcing processes and services, and later automation of deployment.


DIN-SPEC 1041 (Outsourcing of technology-driven knowledge-intensive business services)

DIN-SPEC 1041 (Outsourcing of technology-driven knowledge-intensive business services)The DIN SPEC 1041 for outsourcing technology-driven knowledge-intensive services provides guidelines for outsourcing projects. Therefore, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can be given the opportunity to use outsourcing on their own outsourcing project following a standardized approach.



Companies are too trusting in their outsourcing

Companies are too trusting in their outsourcingZDNet 05/18/2010

Cost savings are the main motivation for deciding to outsource - often with fatal consequences. The DIN SPEC 1041 gives small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a standardized process concerning outsourcing. ZDNet has looked into who can benefit from this.