The distributed work in an outsourcing project is a challenge for companies of all sizes. Differences in culture, language barriers, separation by long distances and different system environments are the greatest difficulties. These are among the reasons why three out of ten outsourcing projects fail.

Using the Outsourcing Director this ratio can be significantly reduced so that your projects do not fail. In addition, by optimizing the cooperation of the project participants you can save costs by up to 20% of the typical project costs.

The Outsourcing Director brings together client and service provider to assure that the project delivers in time and in quality. Standardization and process automation reduces the project costs and shortens the duration of the project.

Take advantage of the platform immediately after release for your project:

Architecture of the Outsourcing Director

Profit from the following functions - integrated into one central platform:

  • Project planing - project calendar to monitor the project development
  • Project collaboration tools - Systematic collection and management of project knowledge base, eg Document management, project wiki, instant messaging and project news
  • Requirements management - tracking the status of a requirement not only on a technical level but also on a business level
  • Project team management - managing the team members, their responsibilities and their user account rights
  • Source code management - a source code version control to support distributed software development
  • Quality analysis - integrated module to analyze the quality of the software delivery
  • Document management - storing all important documents in a central place, accessible for all team members
  • Management reporting - extensive management reporting to allow managers to monitor the development in real-time

The above functions are all integrated into the Outsourcing Director. You have the overview of your project data, so that, even for complex IT projects, an optimal Control and Management environment is maintained.