Vendor Management Consulting

The Vendor Manager consolidates the suppliers in the IT organisation. Our consultants assure maximal efficiency and determine together with you, your specific and optimized sourcing strategy. This not only saves costs but also improves quality, flexibility and reduces risks.


Support during the tendering process

The tender process starts with the supplier pre-selection, followed by the preparation of tender documents (divided into Request for Information, RFI and Request for Proposal, RFP) and ends with the evaluation of tenders and a recommendation to the management. We support the tender process, to answer the question "Who shall we ask what?" in a structured and complete manner, and objectively evaluate the received offers.


Outsourcing contract

In addition to supporting you through the legal aspects of a complex outsourcing contract, we assist you in identifying the crucial obligations and legal rights, based on our extensive operational experience to secure the best contract.


Outsourcing project implementation

The successful implementation of an outsourcing project requires that all project participants and their needs are adequately taken into account. For example, outsourced software services at the development level can be produced using a development platform with collaboration functions which support distributed development. The Management requires extensive monitoring and control functions of the development progress, although the effort for this is minimal.