One of the biggest events by the well know High-Tech Gründerfonds popularly called Family Day was held on 28th and 29th May 2019. Participants of this privileged two-day conference included managers from nearly 300 start-ups as well as members of the German and international venture capital ecosystem.

The event was one of its kind and among key topics discussed were the importance of Software for Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation happening everywhere in world. The discussions were much about technology revolution and showcasing the strength of the upcoming German Start-up ecosystem which is growing in leaps and bounds every year.

pliXos feels privileged to be part of this strategic event of the year comprising founders, investors as well as senior managers of corporations.

Picture: Dr. Michael Brandkamp on the HTGF success story: Over 2 billion EUROs for the HTGF ventures from the network to date (Source HTGF)


It was a dynamic environment where the even further growing importance of software development fueling the Digital Transformation in all businesses was present throughout. “Software is eating the World”, was emphasized again. We at pliXos are excited about this since agile application development with distributed teams is our core competence.

Whether a start-up or a larger corporation wants a rapid development of a prototype, scale its SW development or even build up a full-blown remote delivery – we have the necessary developers and experts. Thanks to our own SaaS products and the global B2B Marketplace for SW projects we are a digital business model in IT sourcing ourselves.

Further growth of the German start-up environment requires highly skilled SW Engineers in scale. We are proud to part of the solution.

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