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One of the biggest events by the well know High-Tech Gründerfonds popularly called Family Day was held on 28th and 29th May 2019. Participants of this privileged two-day conference included managers from nearly 300 start-ups as well as members of the German and international venture capital ecosystem.

13 August 2010

Who can be blamed for the failure of outsourcing projects? (in German)

Many outsourcing projects do not meet the expectations· If a project fails all participants, meaning project managers, program managers, buyers, Vendor Manager, Controller, Director and of course the service providers are quick to blame each other. This destructive process requires much energy and leads to no solution. pliXos has developed the PAFS! method to implement outsourcing projects successfully.

My experience with offshore outsourcing which is mainly based on the Europe perspective started during the “hype times” around 2000 and at that stage, most companies were urgently looking for talented IT experts. I believe the discussions about the positive and especially the negative effects off offshore outsourcing and who will be the winner happened a few years later when the downturn hit and people feared to lose their job or managers to lose lots of their direct reporting staff.

Analysis done by consulting companies (e.g. the McKinsey Global Institute) outlines a positive long term perspective concerning the effects of offshoring on the countries deploying offshore services, but this seems not always reflect personal experience of people affected.

Who will be the winners of the globalisation trend in IT services? Will it be solely the offshore locations or also the ones using the services? I encourage everybody to articulate this opinion and the supporting facts.

January 24, 2012

Governance of agile software projects with an automated KPI cockpit

Loyalty Partner Solutions controls strategic offshore product development by means of a KPI based automatic cockpit.
Presentation by Dr. Udo Wilski, CTO and member of the management of Loyalty Partner Solutions at the “Swiss IT Sourcing Forum 2012“. (in German)