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Indeed, Software is becoming an inevitable part of our world with everything becoming digitized from homes, transport to business. The above saying “Software is and will remain eating the world”, will always strike a chord with the pace at which technology is touching our lives.

Though the saying is time old, it will remain applicable for the global business at any time. Technology is the solution which makes businesses run more effectively and profitably. Increase of productivity and of value creation is the backbone on which the entire software industry stands strong. From Manufacturing, Automotive to Services, each sector is undergoing Digital Disruption to accommodate modern touch of technology. Of-course the latter is being build upon the foundation of innovative software development.

Automation fuels the Importance of Software for Industries

With improvements in technology there is a need to ramp up the internal IT team in every business. The requirements of time cannot be gone unnoticed by organizations where automation is kicking in fast to replace the redundant tasks performed by humans, now being replaced by machines that are build upon software and data analytics. The crux of the matter is, the world is fast moving towards a point where technology will be controlling many functions of organizations and human intelligence will be focusing more and more on SW development as well as maintenance of latest technology like AI, Machine learning and IoT.

How Software Development with Global Delivery Teams is a Key for Business Growth?

With a boom in IT industry over the past decades, there is a growing importance of efficient SW service providers and developers who can input top skills to deliver high class applications that improves the performance and adds value to the organizational functions. Automobile industry is experiencing the most of technology innovation through software. An article from toptal clearly describes about the current scenario about how autonomous cars will cause a tectonic shift in Automobile industry.

PIC 1 pliXos Partner SW DEV Automated DrivingPic 1: Importance of SW in Autonomous Driving (Source: toptal)

According to a report by Boston Consulting Group by 2035 approximately 9.8% of the total global vehicles will be fully autonomous.

Another example is the trend “mobile first” in end user usage of the internet as well as apps. With the huge growth in internet consumption by people globally, and use of smart phones as discussed the previous blog post Start-ups can decrease time-to-market & costs in mobile app development – with pliXos a trusted partner it is already established that if one wants to grow its business, they need to be equipped with innovative software, create a good web presence as well as with mobile apps.

A few simple points why software is the need for every industry in modern business:

  • New age service sector experienced stupendous response with mobile apps e.g. Zomato, Uber, Paytm
  • Platforms for innovative business solutions are driven by and build on Software, e.g. Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce
  • Economies of scale using Software-as-a-Service and Cloud based delivery models require modern SW
  • Overall productivity can be enhanced by SW solutions
  • Digital transformation is driven by innovative SW
  • SW connects business on a global global scale

Software Outsourcing with Global Teams – our fast and easy process

Are you feeling the need to make most of your business by leveraging software development and technology in the right mix?

Is finding skilled SW developers in short time a nightmare for you?

Why not choose from a large and truly global network of preselected software providers for your SW development projects? Use the proven pliXos expertise and tests the pliXos support in one of the phases as pictured below:

PIC 1 pliXos Partner SW DEV Offerings Process 450Pic 2: SW Development with global teams made easy with pliXos Marketplace

Success of your application development projects is guaranteed by building on our global network of verified software services providers and our longstanding record in global SW delivery. Get full support from pliXos as Prime Contractor for SW & Application Development by writing us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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