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Remote Teams is one Possible Solution

Numerous initiatives demonstrate the importance of innovative start-ups for the economy. Besides a good business idea and a solid financing, the growing lack of highly qualified professionals is getting the limiting factor for growth.

The German business news WirtschaftsWoche ( writes that nearly 27 percent of young tech start-ups claim the recruiting of skilled professionals to be the biggest challenge – 10 percent more than a year ago.

The lack of skilled professionals (“Fachkräftemangel” in German) is nothing new. Still, from the pliXos perspective start-ups have a benefit due to their typically flexible and modern structures. This benefit, those start-ups should take advantage of, is the use of Remote Work / Virtual Teams by use of fitting online tools and processes for communication and collaboration. The WirtschaftsWoche article writes start-ups do more and more offer jobs as fully remote and this is manifold increasing the number of suitable applicants. But a challenge remains in integration the remote colleagues into the team.

A successful integration of remote colleagues into the team needs to include a high productivity of the team as a whole. This requires the respective high level of motivation and commitment of all, but also the use of fitting processes and tools. Exactly the area addressed by the new pliXos offering “Virtual-T”.

Virtual T Logo dBuilding on the extensive experiences with offshore/nearshore SW / DevOps projects and other initiatives involving distributed teams, we identified building blocks for success, formed a network of experts and tools and defined a new service.

This offering also supports the requirements experienced by the increasing demand for Home Office / (New Work) in general.

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