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IT Outsourcing projects efficiently and successfully implemented

Our goal is the efficient and successful implementation of IT outsourcing projects.

We support you with IT Outsourcing consulting, IT Outsourcing services, and we provide you with IT Outsourcing products in all phases of a project - through to the implementation.

By using our consulting services, solutions and products, you will always receive the support you need for the successful and timely implementation of your project.

» Interview with Joerg Stimmer on the skills shortage in IT and the opportunities offered by offshore/nearshore Outsourcing, especially for small and medium sized enterprises (in German).

Effective Governance of your projects with a Cloud based Reporting Dashboard.

The best way for a stringent Risk Management in Outsourcing. The next generation in sourcing governance will be building on an expert such as pliXos to act as a service integrator.

Especially small and medium sized companies will benefit.

The main benefits are:

Automation & Standardization

pliXos vision – automation and standardisation (“industrialisation“)
The main drivers for globalisation including the cost benefits from labour arbitrage, higher scalability and flexibility of resources are now commonly accepted and have been documented regularly. The authors of this report have a vision for the industrialisation of IT services built upon division of labour, specialisation and most importantly using standardisation and the highest possible levels of automation.

Despite the fact that software development or application maintenance is a creative process requiring manual interaction, major parts of the overall process can be industrialised.

The pliXos products offer all companies the benefits of globally distributed software projects through standardisation, automation and a low cost of entry.

Quick results

Our products can be used immediately. and require no installation or configuration (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS). In addition we offer a unique value proposition Sourcing Advisory as a Service, SAaaS®. Results can be achieved quickly and optimally for the full project lifecycle from the analysis of IT Outsourcing projects through to seeing the implementation completed. Additionally it is no longer required to set-up a project infrastructure to manage the communication and collaboration between customer and service providers.
Time saving of at least 3 months!

Best Outsourcing Practices

All of us at pliXos have extensive project experience in the area of IT outsourcing services, particularly in the areas of offshore and onshore software development. Our collective know-how is available to you in our tools and services.
You avoid costly mistakes!

Simplification & Standardization

All of the tools are focused to address the most important functions and parameters, while the work flow remains clear and understandable. Through this approach we can guarantee a straightforward use of these products, with minimum training effort. You can introduce best practices without requiring organisational change. If you want to further accelerate implementation in your company, we can provide you with the tools through our managed services.
Significant productivity gains!