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Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Manfred Broy, dean of the chair Software & Systems Engineering at the Technische Universität München and Dr. Marco Kuhrmann, published an article concerning project organisation and management in software engineering in the IT Freelancer Magazine 03/14. The article refers to their homonymous new book and deals with the difficulties faced by a project manager in software development that usually increase when using remote teams, regardless whether the IT teams are offshore or nearshore.

Nowadays, many factors need to be considered when it comes to the development of comprehensive software systems. That does not only relate to the software technique itself, but moreover to project management, project planning and the final realisation. The project manager needs to consider costs, deadlines and many central and crucial KPIs. Increasing demands regarding the general organisation itself, team organisation and as well functional and economic expertise pose project managers in front of major problems.

In order to support the responsible and to facilitate the process, pliXos developed various online (SaaS, cloud based) tools and instruments that ensure a complex realisation supported by KPIs. pliXos´ tools support the project manager proactively in every stage of the project, no matter how mature it is. This is irrespective of using a callsical (e.g. waterfall, RUP) or an agile approach (e.g. SCRUM). Especially in case of globally distributed teams in IT Outsourcing, we provide SaaS products, and online tools that have an essential benefit for the customer.

One example is the pliXos Outsourcing Director who automatically determines key indicators concerning the project´s progress. This cloud-based monitoring tool provides a high degree of transparency and efficiency for managing complex outsourcing projects in the B2B area. The Outsourcing Director utilises popular Open Source tools. Other commercial tools (such as Atlassian JIRA) can be implemented with the help of an “open integration bus” which is currently under development in cooperation with Dr. Kuhrmann and pliXos Global Bus System – GloBuS.

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