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With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being a central part of everyday life, they are also becoming more and more pervasive at work. Although the impact of mobile technologies in the B2B sector is currently not as big as in the B2C sector, it will certainly be in the future. That’s because employees are also consumers in their private life and they will expect the same mobile experience from their B2B applications which they know from B2C applications.

According to a Report on B2B mobile commerce by, B2B web sites currently have 16% of mobile traffic, while 52% of B2B customers are using smartphones to research products for their businesses and 48% of B2B companies have plans to add a mobile sales channel to their current offering.

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Mobile technologies offer unique value propositions, such as ubiquitous connectivity or location-based services, which can be capitalized. In the academic literature, the usage of mobile technologies for business purposes is described with the term “mobile business”, but mostly focuses on intra-organizational applications. Whereas for the B2C sector “mobile commerce” has become a popular area of research, sometimes seen as an extension of e-commerce, but in the majority recognized as a separate domain. However, for the B2B sector, there seems to be a need for more research on specific characteristics of B2B apps, their purposes and benefits.

To address this topic and improve our offering for our users, we are currently analyzing possibilities to extend the pliXos marketplace to the mobile channel. There are a range of issues to be considered, including technical decisions, for example between a native or web application, usability concerns and most importantly how the unique characteristics of mobile can be leveraged in an optimal way.

Your opinion counts! By filling out our short survey, you can help us analyzing the true possibilities for the pliXos B2B Marketplace and play an important part in our mobile strategy. Thank you!

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