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We at pliXos – operating the B2B Marketplace for software service providers and customers – believe that it is very important for customers and service providers to be on the same page and have trust and common respect for each other.

Our B2B Marketplace extends our offering of SaaS tools covering the whole sourcing lifecycle “forward” by giving customers transparency on the global list of preselected providers, free of charge. The providers - which also can enter their profiles free of charge - are screened and they are listed according to their skills and the requirements requested by the respective customer during the search.

The pliXos benefit of the B2B Marketplace is the simple and easy entrance of both, customers and providers to the pliXos concept. This is empowered by the full integration and the cross selling potential to our other SaaS products. Our Marketplace is easy to access and the simple registration only requiring a few details. Once registered, a customer has the options to go through the list of service providers without the need to contact any service provider unless he wants to, e.g. for a dedicated project or tender. A unique and easy opportunity to test offshore/nearshore services.

Once registered, the service providers are able to fill in all the company details and skills as well as other details which will be visible to the customers. A unique opportunity to present oneself to new clients.

In addition to the B2B Marketplace which is free of charge to both, customers and providers, we offer consultancy plus acting as prime contractor for customers (running full projects with our provider base).


Pic1 pliXos SaaS Toolchain k
Picture 1: The pliXos SaaS tools cover each phase of the sourcing lifecycle

For the benefit of the customers we at pliXos have been providing innovative key products such as the Outsourcing Advisor, Tender Manager and Outsourcing Director. To cover the whole sourcing lifecycle for SW projects:

The "Outsourcing Advisor" is an evaluation tool that supports the planning and preparation of global sourcing projects. A high level of automation, templates as wells as sophisticated algorithms speed up decision making by still ensuring a high accuracy in the analysis.

The "Tender Manager" helps to simplify the tender management around the entire RFX process by implied best practices and automation.

The "Outsourcing Director" connects the clients and the service providers and provides the means to manage the services in the agreed quality, time and budget.

The innovative service offering "Sourcing Advisory as a Service" (SAaaS®) combines expert advice on the whole life cycle of a sourcing agreement with the automation through the use of the pliXos tools. Each step in the sourcing process will be optimized through the integrated SAaaS® model.

Pic2 pliXos SAaaS k
Picture 2: The pliXos offering SAaaS combines the SaaS tools with expert advice

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