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IT consulting and services giant Accenture released a report called, “Channel Shift: Measuring B2B Efforts to Shift Customers Online,” detailing the shift to online transactions in the B2B market. We at pliXos fully agree with the findings and want to add some of experiences and visions which relate to topics addressed by Accenture’s article.


B2B eCommerce: Highlights of Accenture’s Report

Accenture partnered with the Blackstone Group to interview 50 digital and eCommerce leaders from US-based B2B organizations with at least $500 million in annual revenue. The Highlights of the report include:

  • 59% of B2B organizations surveyed are now seeing up to a third of their transactions taking place online.
  • 86% offer online transaction options, and only 14% of the surveyed organizations do not offer online B2B purchasing.
  • Half of the interview participants report that their organizations receive less than 10% of their revenue from online sales.
  • Only 19% say that online sales account for more than half of their revenue.
Top Purchasing Channels Available to B2B Buyers (Source: Accenture Analysis)
Picture 1: Top Purchasing Channels Available to B2B Buyers (Source: Accenture Analysis)

55% of eCommerce B2B early adopters (defined as those that began offering eCommerce five or more years ago) reported that more than half of their customers now completed transactions online. Among those who began focusing on eCommerce three or fewer years ago, that number is only 22%

Special Case Global IT Services – Online Sales and Management of IT Services and the pliXos Toolchain

Although the Accenture report deals with any kind of B2B transactions, it offers valuable insights in the special case of selling, buying and managing IT Services from a global pool of Providers, the core area of competence of pliXos.

This is great news and emphasizes our B2B Marketplace and the other SaaS tools being perfectly in the trend for supporting the sourcing Software projects by online means.

Pic 2 Sourcing Steps pliXos Solutions k
Picture 2: Typical Steps when Sourcing IT Projects and the respective online Tools by pliXos

B2B Marketplace

An innovative B2B marketplace for outsourcing of software projects for small and medium enterprises. At no costs. Fully integrated with all other pliXos SaaS tools.

A Customer can register at no cost and find Software Service providers according to his requirements from all over the world at the click of a mouse. Not only that we have all our additional products integrated into the marketplace so it is a one stop solution for all sourcing requirements.

Our further products are as follows:

Outsourcing Advisor

The Outsourcing Advisor is a SaaS tool which offers

  • simulation of business cases for offshore SW outsourcing
  • analysis of the suitability of applications and projects for an offshore outsourcing approach
  • Evaluation of regions, countries and individual providers for a dedicated project

The Outsourcing Advisor offers know-how in form of an easy to use SaaS solution which otherwise would only be available by expensive expert advice.

Tender Manager

The Tender Manager is a SaaS tool to automate major parts of typical steps in tender processes (from preparing the tender document, distribution, collection of NDA through to the evaluation of responses) and thus reduces time and costs.

Outsourcing Director

The Outsourcing Director is a comprehensive SaaS solution to provide control over any application development project for the whole project team – whatever their location.

  • Instant set up as Software as a Service out of the private Cloud, global access
  • ports multiple projects and service providers
  • Rigorous requirements review and confirmation process support facility
  • Continuous project progress monitor, including a full drill down for detailed reports
  • Extensive quality management with integration of “best of breed” 3rd party tools
  • Source code and release repository
  • Secure audit trail monitor to manage customer and service provider interaction
  • Highest level of cost efficiency and transparency through automation
  • Comprehensive reports for a continuous, neutral and up to date view of project status including past trends and early warning indicators
  • Perfect base for Benchmarking between different projects or service providers

To conclude we believe that we are in the right direction. We are online B2B marketplace with end to end solutions for the customers. We provide a free and fair platform for the service providers to get projects from all around the world as more and more people look for verified Service providers online. The value of extending the B2B Marketplace by a Mobile App and a first prototype is under investigation. Especially the real time availability of updates as well as access when on travel seems to be of benefit to the users.

Our goal of our “online B2B marketplace to become omni-channel” by extending it with a fitting Mobile App is in line with what Accenture thinks through the article- Building the B2B Omni-channel Commerce Platform of the Future.

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