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Due to significant decrease in IT staff budgets, companies in Middle East are facing challenges in acquiring new technical skills says a report by Will this set outsourcing business on a new horizon? It is a big question in everyone’s mind. According to report more than 50 percent of the organizations in Middle East, despite their need for technically skilled employees, they are planning to cut down their expense on IT staff.

This contradicts the increasing demand for technically skilled employees and their obvious less numbers available. The decision of these companies is difficult to understand clearly. Are they doing it due to lack of funds? Or planning to upgrade the skills of existing employee strength?
Or it is just a way to create more values out of outsourcing considering the rapid growth of vendor management organizations and Information Technology consulting firms like pliXos that helps in providing structured solutions to organizations of all sizes i.e. Startups, SMEs and Big Multi Nationals. pliXos further cooperates with leading research institutes like Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and many more.

The story does not end here. A research from global management consulting firm McKinsey throws a good light on Digital revolution in Middle East. According to McKinsey countries in Middle East especially UAE, Bahrain and Qatar are keen on adopting latest technologies like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet Of Things, Software As A Service etc. Their affinity for adopting latest technologies is not justified with the efforts to chop down their fiscal budgets in IT staff.

Practically if the organizations are looking forward to adapt latest trends in information technology i.e. Big Data, Data Science, Internet Of Things etc they are bound to face problems without allocating sufficient budgets. A picture from McKinsey report on Digital Middle East reveals that their digital contribution to GDP is just 50 percent that of United States. Hence proves there is immense scope of development in digital sphere.

Digital Contribution to GDP in MIddle East 450

figure 1: McKinsey report on Contribution of Digitization in Middle East’s GDP compared with other major economies of world.

pliXos, a global IT consulting firm, and software solutions provider agrees with the decisions of CEOs, CIOs, VP’s of software development decision makers of organizations in Middle East who have reduced their annual budget allocation and are keen to adopt latest technologies through outsourcing. pliXos also agrees with Computer Weekly’s article and suggests Automation in IT as a powerful tool for bridging the gap in demand and supply of technically skilled employees in Middle East.

As we all know that automation in Information Technology has already made strong footholds in some European countries, Middle East countries particularly UAE, Bahrain and Qatar can follow the same steps and gain benefits from Outsourcing of software projects with minimum risks.

In support of the above facts pliXos also agrees with a survey on IT Priorities in 2017 which clearly states that CEOs & CIOS are keeping more budgets for Cloud & software services then for staff.

2017 IT Priorities survey by Nordics 450
figure 2: 2017 IT Priorities Survey: Nordics results (source:

Investigations speak that if budget for staffs will fall provided the increasing demand for new technologies like Cloud computing, Internet Of Things, Big Data etc IT Outsourcing is bound to witness some good business. It is obvious that South Asian countries like India and China also the western countries like USA possess excellent technical human assets who are willing to work at lower rates, this can be utilized by the companies in Middle East. pliXos takes a stand here as pioneers in helping organizations to outsource the continues repetitive tasks in Information Technology outside organizations at minimum efforts.

This way pliXos helps in saving extra costs and enormous time in finding verified software service providers. This is easily achievable by its popular B2B Marketplace that brings the customers and software service providers on the same page so that there is minimum blockage of information from both sides (customers and software service providers). Not only this, pliXos takes pride in providing most innovative Software-as-a-Service tools for governing each phase in Information Technology Outsourcing right from planning to project execution. pliXos has a proven track record of serving some of the eminent organizations and helping them to bring out best results through outsourcing. pliXos helps the organizations in facing challenges regarding demand for technical skilled labour and supply through its outsourcing tools.

Thus pliXos provides automation, transparency as well as competitive edge to organizations in planning and execution of their software ventures of varied categories. Software-as-a-Service tools integrated with pliXos B2B marketplace helps an organization in following ways:

Outsourcing Advisor:
The Outsourcing Advisor can reduce the time for conducting a sophisticated strategic IT outsourcing analysis from a few months to a few hours and so save up to 90% of the costs.

With the use of the Outsourcing Advisor you get a typical consulting project which would cost more than 30,000 € for a price of 1,000 € per month per user. The Outsourcing Advisor performs the following tasks for you:

  • Comprehensive calculation of the cost of an IT outsourcing project
  • Analysis of the suitability of outsourcing of complex IT processes and projects
  • Informed assessment of outsourcing sites and potential partners

Tender Manager:
This tool helps the organizations to automate their complex tender management processes thereby reducing the time and costs. The Tender Manager is an online service which has been developed by purchasing and outsourcing specialists, to optimize the purchasing process from start to end. It covers the preparation of tender documents and managing the tender process through to the evaluation of tenders for complex outsourcing contracts. It is a comprehensive and powerful tool to implement your RFI, RFP, and RFQs.

Outsourcing Director:
The Outsourcing Director brings together client and service provider to assure that the project delivers in time and in quality. Standardization and process automation reduces the project costs and shortens the duration of the project. The Outsourcing director helps an organization in the following ways just after their release of project:

  • Project Planning
  • Project collaboration Tools
  • Requirement Management
  • Project Team Management
  • Source Code Management
  • Quality Analysis
  • Document Management
  • Management reporting

B2B Marketplace:
All the above three tools are integrated in popular pliXos B2B Marketplace. A Customer can register at no cost and find Software Service providers according to his requirements from all over the world at the click of a mouse. Not only that we have all our additional products integrated into the marketplace so it is a one stop solution for all sourcing requirements.

Not only this, pliXos is also developing a mobile app wherein all the features of its B2B Marketplace will be supported. Users will be able to work on their software or other IT Outsourcing projects, track and govern it at any phase through their smartphones. The pliXos mobile application is currently under study and soon will be extended to provide its users real time maintenance of their IT Outsourcing projects with no time.

This enables the customers to manage their online sales and procurement of IT services with just a mobile app. Our motto of building a “One stop solution provider for all types of software development projects” is in the right direction as we provide a free and fair platform for software service providers looking for IT Outsourcing projects from around the world and customers who are always looking for verified service providers fitting for their IT Outsourcing projects.



Digital Middle East : Transforming the region into a leading digital economy report by McKinsey

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