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It appears as if industrial revolution is seeking its awakening in the technology sector and is reshaping the face of outsourcing. Outsourcing used to be the key choice for companies who wanted to enhance their performance in global market and save large amount of operational costs.

To quote from an article by Business WorldOutsourcing clients want improved efficiencies, productivity gains, and cost savings, thereby generating interest on new technology models in the industry”. There used to be a time when companies would not have given a second thought before outsourcing their projects to offshore locations. The last few years IT Industry has witnessed lots of changes that have emerged as a result of technology improvement.

Today people from all spheres of life are mad over the term Automation. pliXos agrees with the words of David Autor, an economist at MIT who has rightly remarked “journalists and expert commentators overstate the extent of machine substitution for human labor and ignore the strong complementarities that increase productivity, raise earnings, and augment demand for skilled labor”. As workers and employees in IT sector are afraid of losing their jobs which might be replaced from highly efficient, consistent and decision making robots, the wider concept of Automation and benefits it can give will take time to get implanted in the work culture of organizations.

Gartner Inc., a leading American research and advisory firm on Information Technology has cleared the misconception about Automation in IT process is cited by others:

IT Process Automation by GartnerFig 1: IT Automation as explained by Gartner and others


pliXos agrees with the article of Business world with reference to automation on the following points:

  1. Productivity: By freeing the intelligent work force for more important task rather than managing the repetitive tasks
  2. Cost arbitration: Automation results in greater reduction of traditional costs which often might sum up to 60%. One example in the special case “IT Sourcing Advisory” is the Cloud based B2B Marketplace by pliXos.
  3. Efficiency: Automation of tasks releases the in-house workers from the non-productive repetitive work and gives them freedom of doing their relative tasks in much better and efficient way
  4. Scalability: Automation in the major phases of an Outsourced software or application development projects helps in the utilization of prevailing human resource of organization without recruiting more employees, training them and giving other benefits. Not only this it helps in raising the service quality of the organization with less efforts
  5. Time reduction: In the case of IT Outsourcing strategy definition and vendor selection, automation can reduce the time needed up to 60%. Customers building on the pliXos set of SaaS tools demonstrated how to drastically shorten their time needed for important phases in software/application development projects by remaining all benefits

pliXos has been here from quite some time and has developed SaaS (Software-as-a-service) tools that helps in automation of majority portion software development life cycle. Some of pliXos SaaS tools and their benefits in an outsourcing software development project are listed below:

Outsourcing Advisor

  1. It calculates the costs of an IT Outsourcing project for the clients
  2. Analysis of the suitability if a project should be Outsourced or done in-house
  3. Evaluation of potential partners in an IT Outsourcing project

Tender Manager

  1. The tender manager covers the processes of preparation of tender documents, managing the tender process and evaluation of tenders for complex outsourcing contracts
  2. It enables easy and fast creation of RFI / RFPs using preconfigured questionnaires
  3. Automated  sending of tenders and online submission of offers

The use of the Tender Manager means a reduction of effort and costs by up to 80% for all participants in this process. Therefore the projects can be implemented more quickly and at the same time, the evaluation of tenders is made objective.

Outsourcing Director

  1. It allows for source code management to support distributed software development
  2. Synchronizes globally distributed network in an Outsourcing project for better governance
  3. Provided project planning and project calendar to monitor project development

Above extract highlights only a few benefits customers can avail through pliXos SaaS tools integrated in its popular B2B Marketplace which provides a fair chance to service providers and customers to be on the same page and execute a project. The best option for a customer might be building on the tools by no need to learn using them plus still having expert advice.
This is Sourcing Advisory as a Service – SAaaS®.


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