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IoT-technology is already extending the data foundation required to enhance the “Digital Business Eco System” and opens the path to new business opportunities. Digitizing the businesses requires a solid and well-defined data foundation. Currently discussed technologies like AI, RPA, machine learning – all the analytics and big data applications work on data retrieved from the business eco system. Automated data collection and various types of sensors embedded in IoT-technology need to be developed to build the enhanced data foundation.

Hartmut Jaeger IoTSpecially packaged consulting services will support clients in the definition and identification of the right tools and partners in the process of digitization of the entire value chain.

The assessment of the business requirements and drivers allows to define where IoT-technology needs to be implemented to build the required data foundation. Many digitization programs have not delivered the anticipated value because the data requirements were not specified sufficiently, and the data related processes were not implemented. The data oriented, end-to-end view provided by the specific consulting services will overcome this problem and allow focusing on the right solutions and shorter implementation cycles.

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