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With the increase in the consumption of internet by humans as well as by systems (IoT), technology is touching each sphere of human life in some way. Aspiration shall be to create a future where quality of life can be much better and humans or systems will become more productive. Considering the advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI): What if technology can undergo self-development or evolve again and again automatically and inevitably with a minimum effort by humans? Sounds impossible? We would say not really.

To quote the words by Google’s CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai:
Software is becoming a system that automatically writes itself

Artificial Intelligence refers to technology that does not require human intervention always as it will be able to respond by collecting data and information from past experience, self-learn and optimize its behavior by itself. A simple example might be your Facebook news feed that will show you recommendations or adds fitting those items you might have searched a day before or few hours back or made a purchase for a similar product. Another example is “Cortona” & “Google Now” being intelligent assistants capable of fetching users with useful information using voice recognition features.

Similarly we all might have come across many instances of Artificial Intelligences in our daily life but hardly anyone of us would have noticed it. Hence, creating and maintaining a technology that can think, learn and act on themselves is perhaps the most amazing discovery in technology. In simple terms Artificial Intelligence is tending towards Human Intelligence as it can think and act cognitively like us.

AI and Governance 1
Fig 1: amazon Recommendations based on items purchased or searched earlier (source:

Recently and quite sooner automation of manual repetitive tasks by robots has become a popular move towards technology in some countries like US, UAE, UK etc. We consider this a primitive and premature level of Artificial Intelligence. The impact of Artificial Intelligence will be far deeper, wider and broader in coming years where humans will have more time to concentrate on greater important aspects while the daily repetitive tasks can be taken over by technology. This all can be achieved by efficient software development driven by innovative thinking.

Organizations aiming to invest in Artificial Intelligence should free up their IT Team from repetitive tasks and start to work collaboratively with software teams around the globe to understand the AI concepts and implement it with perfection. Working with Global Software Development teams is necessary if a customer wants to adapt this new technology with effective outcome. Making strategic outsourcing decisions in this regards is important because not all organization can hire the best IT Talent and retain them too and hence should go for outsourcing some portions of their software development project to a verified SW service provider.

Outstanding software expertise will be required to build strong Artificial Intelligence network which will in turn help in rebuilding technology in a refined way. That hints towards the emerging of AI tools in future which can mark new era in software development. A possible question here is
Will AI tools help software developers to make better software or mobile applications? i.e. will the developers need to write the code each time when a change is required in the system? Or the Software will itself make changes by writing itself?

Well, all we can say here is that stay tuned until it happens.

Not only this, research shows that investment in Artificial Intelligence will be so prominent that productivity and efficiency will reach its epitome and it will boost the economy in long run. A report from PWC said it is expected that investments in Artificial Intelligence will take UK’s GDP i to 10.2% by 2030. Product personalization is considered the main reason behind Artificial Intelligence’s popularity and developers are working to create consumer products which will serve them better and improve productivity in long run.

AI and Goovernance pic 2
Fig 2: Impact of AI on UK’s GDP by PwC (source: PwC)

pliXos (a German based provider of SaaS tools for Software Outsourcing, also acting as Prime Contractor for development projects) agrees with an article by Forbes and says that Artificial Intelligence will impact software development in mainly two ways :

  1. AI will help developers and testers create better software
  2. Developers will use AI to create better functionality that is more responsive to users

All this is possible when you have a fantastic team of software developers who can understand exactly what the requirements of a customer/organization are and deliver the products to yield best results for their business. Artificial Intelligence requires very innovative, creative and exceptionally brilliant software developers who possess great quality of understanding customer’s need. Each business should think wisely about AI as it consumes a lot of time and cost to find suitable SW service providers. It will affect time to market, business profits and market share.

A possible solution here for CEOs, CTOs and tech leaders can do here is switch to the right sourcing model. Yes, possibly one might be thinking why should you outsource your software development why not get it done on-site? Find all the answers in the our blogpost 3R’ in IT Outsourcing. Never settle just for Outsourcing software development to Offshore/Nearshore/On-Shore provider without having considered all aspects properly.

Most of IT Outsourcing failures happen due to improper Governance and lack of transparency in contract management especially in a geographically distributed system. Strategic thinking and proper consideration on whether a part of the project should be outsourced or entire project along with proper governance and tracking of the progress should be the top priorities for a customer. Just mere handout of work will not prove beneficial for the organizations.

Being an expert in software outsourcing and running own online tools pliXos is capable of taking full responsibilities of the entire project right from the incubation to the final delivery. Proven SaaS tools give a cutting-edge advantage to pliXos customers worldwide. One can find some of the best SW Service providers around the world who have proven record of performance and client reviews from B2B Marketplace.




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