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Without any doubt Global IT Industry knows about the queen of IT Outsourcing functions i.e. India has provided immense Outsourcing Services worldwide, especially to USA & UK multinationals for decades. The legacy continues still as both UK & US want to utilize the wealth of talented tech professionals in India. Bangalore, regarded as the Silicon Valley of India serves one of the best ecosystems & environment to companies looking for Digital Transformation in their Business.

The reason for Bangalore being one of the best destinations to companies for Digital Transformations is due to some very important factors which other cities may lack comprehensively: 

  1. Availability of Talented Tech professionals abundantly each year
  2. Lower Salary or Hourly Wage Rate compared to other International cities such as San Francisco, London or Berlin
  3. People willing to work at rotational shifts fitting to clients time zone for proper Governance and sync
  4. Developed Infrastructure available at cheaper rates than it would have been available at the on-site
  5. Super Visa Permits provisions made in case of UK, not more beneficial now in case of USA which has made strict rules in immigration policies
  6. Ease of doing business, as India’s global rank in ease of doing business increased over the years

These are some important and real facts why Bangalore has ranked so high for one of best destinations for Digital Transformation Services. But along with Bangalore, Pune is now becoming the new hot spot for UK companies in seeking Digital Transformation. IT Trade Unions of both the countries UK & INDIA will work collaboratively in making policies, agendas to encourage Entrepreneurship & Job creation in UK & INDIA both. This in return will open opportunities for Business in both countries and increase employment in Information Technology sector. According to an article by ComputerWeekly UK is set to invest £1 mi initially that can reach up to £13 mi by 2022.

If this can be achieved it would be the most beneficial agreement in IT for UK & INDIA. It is true that pre-Brexit time employees in UK IT sector have complained and criticized UK companies that Outsourced plenty of IT jobs to India at low cost. As a result of this the lot of low level IT jobs were not available for fresher’s who were looking to start their career in IT. Conversely there had to be some measures taken to secure the entry level IT jobs in UK.

Though India has so far provided immense services to UK customers in various sector through its potential IT Industry the IT Exports from UK to India is something that also needs to be worked on for an equal benefit of both country’s people.

Therefor the positivity of this coming closer of organizations in UK & INDIA will definitely boost entrepreneurship and generate business that will drive both to new levels of economic growth.

outsourcing director 450
Fig 1: pliXos can bridge the gap between Indian & UK Organizations to boost Entrepreneurship through its Outsourcing Director

pliXos sees this a a valuable opportunity for both, India and the UK and strongly encourages other nations to follow soon. Looking at the lack of skilled IT resources in Germany, this is a major issue limiting growth in Germany. The organization of the German IT companies bitkom states more than 50 000 new jobs are created but there is a huge gap in filling them with the right candidates. Filling this gap by ensuring a reasonable cost base at the same time is a big opportunity no country should miss.

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