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It is true that Companies in various sectors are adopting Cloud services for the ease of Business and scaling the different processes. The success of Cloud computing in delivering outstanding services to organization is well understood by the fact of its growing demand each year. Cloud computing has become the backbone of most organizations in today’s world. In fact, Cloud computing services has contributed towards the Disruption in traditional Business models. Moreover, Cloud computing can be regarded as the initial step towards Digital Transformation within an Organization.

Digital Disruption is spreading and is causing major changes in the global marketplace. As companies are becoming aggressive and expanding their Businesses globally they look forward towards Digitization as an important milestone to achieve their Business goals. Let us take the example of Amazon’s AWS, who would have thought that Amazon could be such a big name in Infrastructure as a Service (replacing classical hosting) as it is now? What is the reason behind? The simplest answer might be due to the increase in the use of Internet. The drastic increase in the internet usage around the globe has led to the production of millions of data and parallel the need to maintain those data. And production of data will not stop, so how to keep and maintain these data securely? This thinking led to a new disruption which transformed the way in which data used to be stored from locally installed servers to large data centers capable of handling data securely many times than the former servers. This makes the task to maintain and secure the data easy, of course if the right partner, contract etc. is in place. Thus the Cloud computing came to rise. The rise in Cloud computing has taken many folds in its journey since inception.

We are now living in digital era where everything is influenced by technological whether its education, rocket science, engineering, manufacturing, politics, entertainment, textile, health, finance etc. Companies in every sector are in a race to ramp up their business models and adopt Digital Transformation to remain competitive in market. pliXos totally agrees with an article on Nearshore Americas by Dr. Joerg Stimmer that

Cloud services allow the fast deployment of new innovative applications, offering low costs and high speed that make it a key enabler for new digital business models.“

Indeed Cloud computing services have evolved so much that it is capable to drive innovation in any organization. Today, most of the people spend their time on applications to make their task easy and fast. As a result there is a boom in the Mobile Applications Development market around the world and companies, Startups, SME’s all are trying their best to compete with each other in this Digital Space.

pliXos agrees with the blog post by Nearshore Americas on “Use of Cloud Services to support Digital Transformation in Your Business” on the fact that in spite that there is a shortage of skilled internal IT expertise, many mid-sized companies who want to digitize their existing business models are still fearful of outsourcing key parts of their IT work.

But how can a company achieve suitable Cloud computing service? , what are the bottlenecks? , what should be the approach? , how to know which cloud service will be fitting for your company?

Four important steps as initial points to consider after your company has decided to adapt to Cloud services are as follows:

PIC How to Implement Cloud Services
Pic: Steps involved in adopting appropriate Cloud services (Source Nearshore America)

The epicenter in the process of Digital Transformation is the Service Provider or your IT partner you choose for cloud services. The success of your company’s endeavors to attain Digital Transformation actually depends on your chosen service providers. Be sure of the following facts before ending up selecting one

  • Healthy Business Culture: Verified reputation through customer reviews, compliance validation documents through third party audit etc.
  • Business Knowledge and Technical know-how: The provider should deliver SLA (Service Level Agreements) as a promise to what the companies can expect from the provider. Use of Standard interfaces and proven interworking with other applications are the qualities most companies need to look for during the course of project.
  • Proper Governance: The provider should have well defined cockpits for reporting and handle event management on client’s request for monitoring and management of the ongoing process
  • Security: The biggest challenge currently faced by IT Industry today. Secured infrastructure to protect the intellectual and sensitive data should be a priority for the provider you choose.
  • Full ownership and Access to own data: The provider should be capable to provide access to data to their customers so that they can extract it at any point of time


There are many benefits which Cloud computing services provide but there are also obstacles to understand and overcome. Some hints as from the case study below.

SaaS: Implementing workday as new HR tool


  • Innovative, modern HR tool available to employees and managers
  • accessible via web, mobile etc. and at all times


  • No country specific module or fully integrated partner for local payroll processing available
  • Need of complex and costly integration of local payroll system: High one-off costs as well as need for ongoing maintenance

Implementing workday as a new HR solution achieved the strategic goals of offering innovative, easy to use solutions for employees and managers and to cover nearly all HR processes. But the initial challenges in integration this with a payroll system to avoid double data entry and ensure data consistency was heavily underestimated. This resulted in higher costs of implementation as well as later maintenance.


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